Vanity Fair

Today the Media Studies Majors were given a window into the magazine industry. Vanity Fair opened its doors for us, answered our questions, and gave us a tour of their office. UVA Alumna Beth Kseniak, Executive Director of Public Relations, shared her professional journey and imparted some valuable advice for all students hoping to work in publishing.

Here are some useful tips for aspiring magazine professionals:

1) Have the right attitude! Be ready and willing to do anything, no matter how small the task is. If you do things well and with a smile, others will take note of your efforts and remember you.

2) Soak up everything. Even at the intern level, you are learning more than you might think. Enrich your experience by observing those around you and use that to gain a valuable understanding of the magazine industry.

3) Make your own homework! Set goals and do outside reading on your own time. This will give you an edge and make you stand out.

Ms. Kseniak and Associate Editor Jonathan Kelly explained the process the magazine goes through as they pick, write, edit, and publicize their stories. As a monthly publication, many eyes pass over each piece before the final product is produced. Press on a story is vital and Vanity Fair‘s presence on television and online allows its content to live off the page – just another example we’ve seen of media convergence on this trip!

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