Sports Illustrated

Another magazine, another perspective! On Thursday we visited Sports Illustrated in the Time Life Building. Fourth year major, Anne Larimer Hart was an intern there this summer and introduced us to some of the editors, writers, and graphic designers at the publication.

Unlike Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated is a weekly magazine which mainly operates off a very loyal subscription pool. This makes their approach to cover stories, press, and promotion very different. SI employees work Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday to accommodate for the schedule of their content. Our visit fell on their version of Monday! Editor Richark Demak was very generous with his time, giving us a tour and introducing us to photographers, designers, and writers. Even with their tight weekly schedules, the people at Sports Illustrated still found time to work an Olympic preview edition. Like many other outlets we visited, the magazine is anticipating the work and excitement that the Winter Olympics will bring. Check out this cover. Does this guy look familiar? If not, you need to read my next blog post.

If magazine publishing or sports journalism interests you, students can look into the Time Inc. paid internship program. It is very competitive, but Time Inc. actually sets their interns up with housing in NYC! The Association for Women in Sports Media also provides scholarships and internships. Unfortunately, both of these deadlines have past, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next year!

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