These vagabond shoes, They are longing to stray…

Tomorrow 16 Media Studies students and one professor from UVA depart for The Big Apple. That’s right, we’re doing it big in NYC!.. again

After a relaxing winter vacation in Philomont, VA I know that I am excited for the big city, The Colbert Report, The Statue of Liberty, outrageously expensive coffee, and yes, our new destination this year: Animal Planet.

It’s bound to be an exciting time for us in NYC and I hope you all keep up with us. Though this first post is a little Dan-Carter-centric (your loyal blogger) I hope to be informing you of the amazing experiences that all 17 of us have in New York. Please tell us what you’re thinking as well! Feel free to leave a comment or make a request. I hope I will be able to keep you all entertained.

But for now, I must get back to packing. I must admit I am a culprit of over packing…

Good thing I don't get graded on packing

Also, please read entries from last years talented blogger Ms. Denise Linn. If you’re interested in our escapades you can get a great idea of what we’ll be up to.


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Studying Media Studies and Spanish at the University of Virginia
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