Q is for quality

Though it was our first day in the big city we
already had to split the group up. Though all of us would have
loved to have seen The Colbert Report, the show can’t accommodate 14
VIP guests (that’s rights, we’re apparently VIPs). So half the
group headed for The Colbert Report and the rest of us went out to
explore the city. A couple of us decided it might be fun to see a
show so Cecily Mullen, Hannah Wagner, Rachel Goldberg, and I bought
tickets to see Avenue Q Off Broadway. The show was fantastic and
while I don’t want to give away any of the show I’ll give this warning: be prepared for one of the crudest, rudest, and most fun shows of your life.

Above is a picture of the crew during
intermission and below is a YouTube clip from the show. The
attached scene is one that I once performed at summer governor
school and wrote my UVA admission essay on. It’s funny how things
come full circle isn’t it?


About dclucky

Studying Media Studies and Spanish at the University of Virginia
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