Its a small world after all, even in NYC

As mentioned the other half of our group attended The Colbert Report tonight. Though the show was incredibly exciting, my fellow majors informed me, the biggest surprise was that the guest was the father of a fellow UVA student and Lawnee, Claire
Montaigne. Her father, Fen Montaigne, is the author of the new book “Fraser’s Penguins: A Journey to the Future in Antarctica”. Matt Savarese described Mr. Montaigne as incredibly well spoken and very interesting.

Other comments Matt made about the show was how exciting it was to be on his first taped show and how the format of the taping was so intriguing. The experience began with a comedian
to prep the audience. Apparently the audience serves as “the soundtrack to the show”. However, it sounds as though Mr. Colbert needed little help. Matt described him as being “effortlessly hilarious” and the audience having little trouble laughing for real.

An interesting element of the show is that though it is not filmed live, Stephen Colbert films the show as though it is. All the videos on television are actually shown at the taping and the commercial breaks are adhered to. Matt said one of the strangest
moments of the show was the end when Stephen had to repeat a line
to be edited in. The audience had begun to feel as though the show
was actually live and didn’t know how to react.

On Wednesday we will return to get a personal Q&A with Mr. Colbert.Additionally, I will personally get to experiencing a taping of The
Colbert Report.


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