Call me Mr. Wonderful

Last minute plans can be stressful, but they can also be the most fun. That was definitely the case with our trip to Mr. Wonderful, a post production company that UVA Media Studies alum Nate Stone described as a one stop shop or boutique company. Basically if you want a high quality commercial, introduction to a show, or a promotion piece and don’t want to deal with more than one company, Mr. Wonderful is the place to go.

The office was incredibly trendy and was a film buffs dream come true. Rachel Goldberg and I were essentially in heaven. During the tour we got to see production suites and a sound studio, which Matt had millions of questions about (he’s a huge music nerd in the best way possible).

The best part of the trip was talking to ‘Bern’, an editor who worked with Stephen Colbert to make the intro to the Colbert Report. He showed us the entire process of how he made the intro, down to the storyboard and graphite pencil. Watch the clip below, if you think Colbert’s description is complicated you should hear how it was made.

Another highlight of the trip were the free t-shirts we got at the end. As my dad’s friend always used to say, if it’s free, it’s me.


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1 Response to Call me Mr. Wonderful

  1. pants says:

    I just caught up with all your entries from New York. Your trip sounds fabulous!! More than once I wondered if I should have majored in something else. I am so jealous of you for all the things you get to see and all these dynamic people you are meeting. I hope the rest of your trip gets even better and am looking forward to your future entries!! Say hello to everyone for me.


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