Not so simple (continued)

After seeing the comment from Lauren about Real Simple Magazine I felt it would be a shame not to giver her opinion it’s own post. Give it a read:

I loved seeing Real Simple today. As the only real print media source on the agenda for our trip, this was the place I was looking forward to visiting most, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I have a friend who’s interning at Lucky Magazine now, and she told me that she hates it because everyone there is so angry and stressed and unfriendly, and hearing that made me really reconsider ever coming to NY to do design things. The meeting at Real Simple today, however, completely reversed my conception of the magazine industry back to the more bright and shiny view I had before talking to my friend. I was so impressed by how everyone there seemed to genuinely know and like working with one another, and it was such a great, creative-feeling atmosphere. Everyone there seemed to be truly passionate about each aspect of their work at the magazine, and the environment seemed to be one that really rewarded that passion. I talked to Julee, the fashion editor/blogger, who told me
that Kristin (the editor in chief) really does know everyone who works in the office, from the interns to the editors, which again is really impressive, especially at a big time magazine. The whole visit was really fun and a great opportunity for me (and if other people had their eyes opened to the awesomeness that is the magazine industry, for them too!)


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