Reuters aka Reality Check

Though we learned briefly about what Thomson-Reuters does, they’re a news aggregator similar in some ways to Associated Press, Reuters served as a great opportunity to hear about the reality that is life in NYC an the media industry.

Preston Gisch, a 2007 Media Studies graduate, talked to us about payless internships, low salaries, high rents, and getting your foot into the door. It was honestly a bit depressing, but I think it was something we absolutely needed to hear. Also Preston ended the conversation on a positive note telling us about the satisfaction of settling into the industry and the city. It was a worthwhile experience for sure.

Professor Bodroghkozy let us all know at the end of our visit that Preston would be a great mentor for any of us wanting to work and live in the city after graduation. I guess he’ll be getting a couple friend requests tonight.

Who knows? Maybe one day Times Square will be our new Academical Village.


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Studying Media Studies and Spanish at the University of Virginia
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