Call me Mr. Wonderful

Last minute plans can be stressful, but they can also be the most fun. That was definitely the case with our trip to Mr. Wonderful, a post production company that UVA Media Studies alum Nate Stone described as a one stop shop or boutique company. Basically if you want a high quality commercial, introduction to a show, or a promotion piece and don’t want to deal with more than one company, Mr. Wonderful is the place to go.

The office was incredibly trendy and was a film buffs dream come true. Rachel Goldberg and I were essentially in heaven. During the tour we got to see production suites and a sound studio, which Matt had millions of questions about (he’s a huge music nerd in the best way possible).

The best part of the trip was talking to ‘Bern’, an editor who worked with Stephen Colbert to make the intro to the Colbert Report. He showed us the entire process of how he made the intro, down to the storyboard and graphite pencil. Watch the clip below, if you think Colbert’s description is complicated you should hear how it was made.

Another highlight of the trip were the free t-shirts we got at the end. As my dad’s friend always used to say, if it’s free, it’s me.

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Not so simple (continued)

After seeing the comment from Lauren about Real Simple Magazine I felt it would be a shame not to giver her opinion it’s own post. Give it a read:

I loved seeing Real Simple today. As the only real print media source on the agenda for our trip, this was the place I was looking forward to visiting most, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I have a friend who’s interning at Lucky Magazine now, and she told me that she hates it because everyone there is so angry and stressed and unfriendly, and hearing that made me really reconsider ever coming to NY to do design things. The meeting at Real Simple today, however, completely reversed my conception of the magazine industry back to the more bright and shiny view I had before talking to my friend. I was so impressed by how everyone there seemed to genuinely know and like working with one another, and it was such a great, creative-feeling atmosphere. Everyone there seemed to be truly passionate about each aspect of their work at the magazine, and the environment seemed to be one that really rewarded that passion. I talked to Julee, the fashion editor/blogger, who told me
that Kristin (the editor in chief) really does know everyone who works in the office, from the interns to the editors, which again is really impressive, especially at a big time magazine. The whole visit was really fun and a great opportunity for me (and if other people had their eyes opened to the awesomeness that is the magazine industry, for them too!)

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NBC Universal

Yesterday was a packed day for us. After our trip to Real Simple and a brief time taking in the atmosphere of Rockefeller center we headed into 30 Rock to meet with UVA alum at NBC

Our first meeting was with Ed Swindler who has three degrees from the University. Ed talked to us mostly about the future of NBC once Comcast purchases it from GE and the challenges that broadcast in general faces. What I personally enjoyed about
Ed’s presentation was his no nonsense style. Though his presentation was a bit unsettling for those of us who want to work in broadcast, it was great getting a frank and very intelligent perspective on the industry.

We also had the pleasure of meeting with a couple of more recent UVA Media Studies alumni Amber Payne, an associate producer, and Morgan Whitaker, who works on a program called Next Media. Amber allowed us to listen in on the meeting of
executive producers, writers, correspondents, and Brian Williams
who discussed what would be going on the Nightly News.

Afterward Morgan introduced us to a variety of employees through NBC Universal and gave us a tour of the studio, including Brian Williams chair, which Cecily hesitantly touched, and the SNL studio, where Kristin had a
“Superstar” experience.

Though we has a long day in the studio it was an experience worth while. Morgan and Amber were eager to give us their business cards and encouraged us all to apply for internships. Last year Katie Wall, a 4th year major, got an internship out of this experience.

After we left, Professor Bodroghkozy told us to go home, eat dinner, and head to the UVA club for the media panel. So Matt and I grabbed a felafel, my first ever yum, and headed over. More to come soon!

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Not so simple

Today we had the pleasure of visiting Real Simple Magazine at the Time-Life Building. The editor and chief of the magazine, Kristen Van Ogtrop, spoke to us about the magazine, answered questions about the magazine publishing industry and gave us a tour of Real Simple.

Though I was not originally interested in the magazine industry, this trip made me reconsider. The young employees who Kristen introduced us to were incredibly enthusiastic about their job and were so passionate about the magazine. Additionally, many of them had worked at other magazines or other media industries. For me it was a learning experience.

Other highlights of the trip included a little bit of networking and a slightly nerdy but incredibly intriguing discussion of the consequences of the digital age in the industry. Lauren Bicknell a fellow third year major was able to talk to an Assistant Art Director named Jenika. Lauren is really interested in the design aspect of media so this was a great opportunity for her. I think everyone had a great time though and I have a feeling many of us are now considering an internship or job in this field.

Below is a link to the Real Simple Magazine website. Definitely check it out or grab a copy if you see it on your nearest newsstand. There are some great recipes, especially if you’re a vegetarian like me.

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30 Rock

Before heading into NBC studios we took a little time to enjoy the atmosphere of Rockefeller Center.

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Time- (of our) Life

Today were heading to the Time-Life Inc. building to visit
Real Simple Magazine and meet with UVA alum Kristin Von Ogtrop. A
longer post is to follow later today.

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